Seven ways to add theatrics to your special party

In society we’re expected to behave in a certain way. We dress to convention; we make expected conversation; we follow certain codes. That’s why we adore an opportunity to unleash our inner daredevil, throw caution to the wind and immerse ourselves in a world of fantasy.

You’d love an exciting, full-blown theatrically-themed event for your special guests – or perhaps a gentle touch of music, dressing up and drama to make your event memorable. Need persuading? Read on!  

Make your party personal

Have you (or your loved one) got a favourite play, film or musical? Something that you could watch again and again – immersed in the story and humming the songs? Or perhaps a theme that makes you smile: Circus, the Roaring 20s, or Pirates? Make your event individual by linking it to the stories and performances that mean something to you. Doing it this way, you’ll plan something unique. A party that matches exactly what is special for your personal celebration. At Prospero we know all the people who can make it happen. And we have dozens of ideas up our sleeves!

That’s the thing about theatre … it prods our imagination and transports us to places beyond the ordinary. Visualise your guests arriving, enthusiastically dressed to represent their favourite characters. Picture actors performing in the background to ensure an immersive atmosphere. Prospero can do this for you – using the best visuals, costumes, audio effects and perfectly chosen music and food, of course. The sounds, the positivity, the colours!

Arouse the senses of your guests

Don’t forget to add taste to your sensory feast by serving appropriate drinks and food. Green, witchy cupcakes to complement a ‘Wicked’ theme? Mouth-watering ‘Moulin Rouge’ cocktails? The only limit is your imagination!

Be immersive, make your party memorable

Adding an element of immersion is guaranteed to make your event the talk of the town. That’s because celebrations and parties come and go. However special they are, they blend and blur in our memories. Selecting an exciting theme, and providing music and skilled entertainers to professionally create and sustain it, will ensure that your celebration is never forgotten. Come to Prospero with your ideas, or ask us to whip up suggestions. Whether you want a single pianist or a troop of trained actors to create an atmosphere, we’ll make sure that no one forgets your party.

Add some icebreakers

Ever hosted or attended an event that struggled to get guests in circulation and mixing? A shared experience breaks down barriers in a way your guests will love! It’s tough on the organiser if those you invited are from different backgrounds, or have a wide age range. By adding a few theatrics or a fun theme to your party, people begin chatting – especially if they’re in costume. Even a quirky hat, hairdo or funny prop means there’s a focus and a talking point. With an expert nudge, actors engaging in a spot of role play can soon relax and entertain your guests. The conversation flows and everyone’s happy.

Host with the most is present and relaxed

Brilliant! Your guests are immersed in your event. They’re talking and mixing. But are they wondering where you are? No one likes to see a harassed host, flitting and whizzing around to check on everything. When you choose Prospero to be your party planner, we can take all the hard work off your hands from catering to welcoming your guests. Giving you the time to enjoy yourself to the full. No feeling on edge, topping up glasses, handing around plates and snatching bits of conversation. Instead, you’ll be in the centre of the party, loving the fun, fizz and fantasy that you’ve created.

Escapism is psychologically good for us: it’s official!

In tough times it’s natural for humans to want to throw off constraints and crave fun. Struggling through the Great Depression of the 1930s, a trip to the theatre for a glorious, glamorous Busby Berkeley show was a ticket to a world of fantasy and a jolly good ‘cheering up’.

Amid the uncertainty of our current global pandemic, we deserve the atmosphere and escapism that live theatre and immersive events create. Of course, we have to be careful, but we need to be social. We’re happy when we laugh, talk and share. Live music, imaginary worlds and costume is great for children’s social development. But don’t we all benefit from letting go?

Make it special, choose Prospero as your party planner

At Prospero Events, we’re full of unique themed party and event ideas. From an intimate dinner for select friends, to parties and celebrations for 100+, Prospero Events will make your creatively themed events a reality. We can supply the edginess and magic of the Big Top, or craft a dignified and classic setting with just the right music (and everything you can think of in between!). Come to us for inspiration, or bring your favourite ideas; we’ll soon transform them into a party plan and make it happen.

In Summary

  • Themes – A music, theatre or costume-themed event is thrilling.
  • Inclusive Icebreakers – Your celebration is fun and inclusive; everyone can relax and join in.
  • Sensory – Guests will love the whole sensory experience, recalling the sights, sounds and tastes for years to come.  
  • Escapism – Dressing up and escapism is therapeutic – especially after difficult times.
  • Hire a party planner – A party as individual as you are… but with none of the hassle of planning!
  • Most importantly –  you can relax!

Need help planning and hosting your special party?

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