On the Day Coordinator

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Professional Event Management

Planned your own event, but would love to enjoy it, too? Prospero can take care of the management of your event on the day – allowing you to fully participate.

Time and energy go into planning your perfect day. Whether a wedding or a family celebration, there’s so much to decide and so much to do. It can be exhausting!

Even when the special day arrives, you must still be on hand to ensure things are going to plan.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to relax? To properly enjoy the fruits of all your work?

No checking the entertainers, directing the florist or organising the caterers. No dealing with late hitches and snags.

Relax and Enjoy your Event

Prospero’s on the day coordinator means that you can hand the reins over and enjoy every moment.

We will attend your event to make sure it runs smoothly.  Not part of the event itself, but coordinating the celebration. To ensure that all the elements come together at the right time, and work like magic; efficiently and effectively. Leaving you to enjoy your perfect day…

We come on board 4-6 weeks before your event. And become the point of contact for all the suppliers for your celebration. Solving any hiccups and problems that may arise along the way.

You’ve worked hard for your special day: now you can experience and enjoy every moment.

Investment: £1,000.00*

*subject to guest numbers and location.

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